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Company Description

Northwest Tillers is known around the world as the most rugged and versatile mulcher on the market today, with special designs built for one pass operation in industries such as vegetable, hay, and forage, strawberries, vineyards, nuts, cotton, turf and more. Each unit is hand built to your specifications in the USA.

Our tillers can be designed with your input, to handle multiple applications, eliminating the need for multiple passes, saving fuel, labor and the need to own multiple tools. Each Northwest Tiller can be pre-designed to provide a full till, vegetable mulcher, strip-till or orchard floor management.

With over 60 years of experience, we can custom build the best tiller for your crops and farming practice. With tillers still In the field today that are over 40 years old, you can play on a long life expectancy with your Northwest Tiller, and we still have parts available for our oldest tillers in the field.

What sets Northwest Tillers apart from all the rest? Rugged engineering and customized designs, from our innovative two-piece blade designs which are mounted on a 3-inch square solid, stranded steel shaft to our tried and true ring and pinion gear systems that can handle up to 470 HP. Our most legendary feature is the Northwest Belt drive system. proven in the field for over 60 years our innovative belt drive design utilizes spring loaded belt that help absorb shock from rocks, stumps or other debris and is the stand out alternative to designs that transfer damaging impact shock to expensive tractor components. Each Northwest Tiller frame is made of solid 1/2 inch steel for a heavy tiller that will get you working in ground that no other tiller can touch. From sandy soil to clay and small river rock Northwest Tillers can handle your toughest challenges. Contact us today and let us show you why a Northwest Tiller is the best choice for your farming needs on the market today.

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