Turf Tech Inc (Seed Testing Lab)

Company Description

We are an industry leader in seed testing, germination, and purity analysis operating from Tangent, Oregon, providing our services for over three decades.

The main objective of the Turf Tech, Inc. lab is to give excellent service that satisfies and exceeds our customers’ expectations. To accomplish the objective, employees are provided with continual training on any new developments occurring in the seed testing field. Our mission also includes problem identification, policy formulation, adaptation, implementation, and evaluation.

The company initially started in Bristol, Illinois as Seed Doctor/Turf Tech in 1984. As Dr. Bangalore started growing the business, the company relocated to Tangent, Oregon. First, it operated from a rental space. In 2000, Turf Tech, Inc. moved into its own seed testing and storage facility in Tangent, OR. Now with almost over 36 years in the seed testing industry, Turf Tech, Inc. is one of the best testing laboratories in the industry. Our types of testing include:

  • Purity with Noxious Weed Exam
  • Germination
  • Tetrazolium Testing
  • Endophyte
  • Mill Checks
  • Undesirable Grass Seed
  • Crop & Weed
  • And many more...


  • Testing