Sprague Pest Solutions

Company Description

Sprague Pest Solutions is a 4th generation, family-owned and operated pest management and prevention company.  Clients across the Western United States rely on us to protect their businesses from harmful pest pressures.  Our expertise in the commercial food industry has helped farmers and agricultural businesses protect food safety while complying with the Food Safety Modernization Act and expansion of GDSI audit programs.

Technical Expertise

Over 13% of employees at Sprague hold an advanced degree in entomology to ensure that we continually improve results and discover smarter ways of tackling pest challenges.  Our in-house team of entomologist partner with our operations teams to solve the toughest pest control issues.

Environmental Stewardship

Sprague is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our services.  We empower our customers to maintain LEED and USDA National Organic Program standings.


We’ll provide the detailed documentation, advanced tools for audit compliance, and reporting to ensure clear communication on pest control program objectives.

You can count on Sprague to be your partner in establishing or fine tuning your pest management and food safety program. 

We specialize in:

  • Audit Preparation & Evaluation
  • Biological Control
  • Bird Control
  • Fumigation & Fumigation Alternatives
  • Pest Control and Prevention
  • Mating Disruption
  • Sanitation Audits

Serving all of Oregon:    

Sprague Pest Solutions Portland
Contact: Paul Harriot
9106 NE Marx Dr.
Portland, OR. 97220
Sprague Pest Solutions Eugene
Contact: Sean Cendelaria
2285 Nugget Way
Eugene, OR. 97403
Sprague Pest Solutions Medford
Contact: Francis Clark
4894 N Runway Dr. #102
Central Point, OR. 97502


  • Birds

Education / Training

  • Education / Training


  • Organic

Professional Services

  • Consultants
  • Pest Control

Storage Grain Handling

  • Storage Grain Handling