Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District

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Is your land washing away? Are drought conditions causing you to rethink your inefficient irrigation system? With changing weather conditions, we will see heavier rain events, longer drought conditions, and elevated summer temperatures. Is your operation resilient enough to withstand what nature has in store?

The Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District can help you with these and many other issues!

We provide technical and practical assistance to producers to help you reach your goals for your operation while protecting natural resources. Our focus is on soil health, erosion control, invasive weed management, protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat, water quality, and quantity as well as the protection of working lands in Clackamas County.

We are non-regulatory and work cooperatively with willing private landowners. We do not charge for our technical services, and we seek to assist landowners in implementing conservation practices. Our mission is to provide technical and practical services to conserve and use resources sustainably today and for future generations.

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